Frequently Asked Questions


What is auto diagnosis?

Therefore, generic"Auto Diagnosis" can be defined as consisting of all operations carried out tests and measurements in order to identify the most accurate to a fault occurred in a vehicle. Thus, it can be done by visual means, hardware (mechanical, electrical, electronics), and - in recent years - and software (computer).

Why computerized auto testing has become so necessary?

So, scanning and computerized testing, - briefly - "Auto Diagnosis" became an activity of >auto service absolutely necessary due to equip the vehicles produced in the last two decades, more and more electronically-assisted system, which operates "closed loop" - some output parameters become, again, the input parameters - the most important result being that when compunenta that gives, does not work any other system going into "emergency mode", usually signaled by lighting a "crash control" the vehicle. The most common of these systems are: injection engine (petrol and diesel), ABS, ASC, ASR, TCS, DSC, ESP, SRS - airbag, servo-assisted steering, air conditioning, air conditioning, automatic transmission and 4x4, cruise control, immobilizer, instrument cluster, central locking, parking assistant, stationary electric brakes, etc.

To what extent can reset an electronic module in order to witness the crash stingeii properly, the vehicle, the operation module that solve the problem?

If emergency lighting witness was caused by a situation characterized by a specific conjuncture (eg battery replacement, putting the second position of touch with certain parts cut off, etc..) Reset module may lead to cestuia normal operation, but emergency lighting if the witness was caused by a defect in appearance, yet unavoidable, the reset module does not make sense, because he will not return to normal operation.

Self diagnosis can be made to the modules are not electronically assisted?

Yes you can do, but non-computerized means (by optical and acoustic observation by measuring the mechanical, electrical and electronics, etc..), As it is done usually in auto services.

Is it legal to change the number of miles of on-board auto with the help of computerized auto diagnostic equipment?

Yes, but only if the replacement panel with another who has memorized a different value for this parameter, than the real.

Switching on the instrument panel of a control board or it's the ABS (antilock system - wheels), ESP (Electronic Stability Program), TCS (Traction Control System) or SRS (airbag) indicates acivarea or off that system?

OFF Indicates that system in order to prevent the driver on this issue and - consequently - the adoption by it of a leadership style appropriate to that situation until the presentation of functional abnormality in a car service, for the purpose of repairs to abolish it.

It's enough to be able to read fault codes obtained by scanning the auto system to be able to pronounce itself on the fault?

Most of the times - not because computer self diagnosis is not only reading on a screen of a code defect, but the man's association with certain symptoms and results of tests and measurements, some defects due to lack of installing sensors on certain areas can not be measured by the controller responsible for the operation of that system, it can generate fault codes that do not correspond to actual fault, but maybe some of its consequences.

What is the difference between a scanner and a tester, both serve as both self diagnosis?

A scanner allows car - by definition - reading and erasing fault codes found, while a car tester also able to conduct some measurements and tests on several parameters, ie some car parts.

How to explain that cars older (7-12 years old) are more reliable and less pretentious than us?

It's very simple: one system, but it's easier (in number of components), the more is more reliable; opposite: a system, but is more complex, the less reliable, or car manufacturers, currently made more complex models, equipped with all sorts of gadgets designed to keep little beyond the warranty, that only live in a society of consumption, right? Any auto repair service without income so a car and parts manufacturers in the industry.

Ignition crash witness yellow with the appearance of a stroke engine, meaning only the appearance of problems with emissions, as indicated by the user in most textbooks of different vehicles?

Of course not, it signifies a failure (of any kind) of the powertrain control system to be called to identify all your automotive diagnostic service (the appearance of several hundreds of fault codes that can generate control emergency lighting) in order to identify ways to repair.

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